Technical Assistance

TTAC maintains an experienced staff as well as a rich and diverse pool of highly qualified consultants available for onsite, telephone, and online assistance. TTAC staff and consultants offer expertise in an array of areas including, but not limited to:

Understanding that the challenges in tobacco control are complex and varied, TTAC meets the needs of the client by considering the nature of the assignment, the geographic region, cultural appropriateness, and client timeline sensitivities.

TTAC can also provide

TTAC cannot provide

Submit a technical assistance request
If you feel that TTAC can be of assistance to your program, we invite you to complete and submit a Training and Technical Assistance Request Form, call us at 404-712-8474, or send us an email. Whether your request is basic or complex, we want to assist you. If you are unable to describe your exact requirements at this time, TTAC staff can also help you define those needs. One of our staff members will respond to you promptly, review your request, and determine the next steps.


Last updated 6/15/15