Essential Resources



This section provides easily accessible data and information related to effective pricing strategies in the U.S.  Every tobacco control program manager who wants to be the “go-to” resource on tobacco pricing strategies should become familiar with these websites, tools, and organizations, and use them to stay current on the science related to pricing strategies.


Many of the Essential Resources will be used while conducting the Readiness Assessment. These resources are also recommended to gather data needed to create a state pricing strategies briefing book. To establish their programs as the “go-to” center for information related to tobacco control pricing strategies, many managers have kept an up-to-date briefing book that contains much of this information in easy to understand graphs, charts, and key findings on pricing strategies.



The Essential Resources include:


Resources from State Campaigns   |   Resources from Slides   |   Additional Resources

What are the Essential Resources and What is their Relevance?


Every month, there is news related to changes in tobacco prices such as increases in the excise tax on cigarettes and/or other tobacco products, the enactment of laws requiring high-tech tax stamps to reduce smuggling of untaxed or lower taxed cigarettes, or bans on internet sales of tobacco products. Whether you are new to pricing strategies or need a little brushing up on the topic, there are abundant web-based resources that are updated regularly to deliver the most current, comprehensive information on the status of price-related policies. Additional resources provide evidence that price-related strategies are the single most effective intervention to reduce tobacco use throughout the population, whether in a community, state or nation.


Below is more detail on how the list of Essential Resources is organized and how the information may be useful to tobacco control program managers and staff.


Resources from State Campaigns

The following materials are excellent examples of what state health agencies have used to successfully raise awareness about the value of tobacco pricing strategies.




Resources from Slides
The first set of resources listed includes all documents referred to or used to compose the “Addressing Tobacco Pricing Policy” PowerPoint slides provided in the toolkit. Each resource is listed along with its source, a link to the document, and which slides pertain to it. Resources are listed in the order of the slides, and are broken down into the three main parts of the presentation: The Toll of Tobacco, Raising the Price of Tobacco Products, and Taxing Other Tobacco Products and Other Tobacco Pricing Policies. The resources cover topics such as the prevalence and cost of tobacco use in the U.S., ways to raise the price of cigarettes, some commonly heard myths about pricing policies and how to dispel them, pricing policies for other tobacco products, and non-tax based strategies.





Additional Resources
These additional resources were not included in the PowerPoint, but are also useful in learning about pricing strategies.

  1. Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, Section C: Budgets by State
    The one-page per state summary of the 2007 CDC Best Practices Recommendations for Funding is an essential briefing document. Even a small percentage of a tobacco excise tax  increase can provide the much needed resources to sustain cessation and public awareness programs. By allocating resources to tobacco control programs, the pricing strategy helps smokers who are cutting back or want to quit as the result of the excise tax increase—those who often can least afford the cost of tobacco or the cost of the illnesses it causes.
  2. Centers for Disease Control State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (State) System Interactive Map
    The interactive map provides state-by-state trends on cigarette excise taxes, beginning in 1995, as well as other valuable tobacco-related policies and data. The website is one of the most informative resources available to the public.
  3. Interactive State-by-State Cigarette Excise Tax Map of the United States
    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s on-line interactive tobacco policy map provides up-to-date information  not only on state cigarette excise tax rates (latest increase and when), but also current tax rates on snuff, chewing tobacco, and cigars for every state. The map is user-friendly. It provides every state’s tax policies so that comparisons with neighboring states are easily accessible. If one state’s taxes are much lower than its neighbors, it may help the lower taxed state’s case for increased taxes.
  1. State Legislated Action on Tobacco Issue (SLATI)
    The American Lung Association provides extensive information in non-technical language, covering every state’s tobacco policies, including current pricing law history and current excise tax revenue.
  2. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Fact Sheets Available Online
    This is an excellent place to gather information for an assessment of national and state data regarding the toll of tobacco, as well as the status and impact of pricing strategies in every state. The well-researched fact sheets cover the gamut of pricing strategy issues.
  3. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Resources Available by Request Only
    On request, the Campaign will create fact sheets with state and local data that are relevant to state and local community leaders and policy makers or model legislation documents on a variety of pricing strategy topics.