Readiness Assessment Chart



Answer each question in the Readiness Assessment Chart using the resources provided, or other applicable resources. Completing the Readiness Assessment Chart will allow tobacco program managers to evaluate their state’s current environment and special circumstances—a jumping-off point for pricing strategy planning. Each question should be researched, carefully considered, and answered prior to continuing the process. When available, potential resources for finding the necessary information have been listed; however, some questions will require further research or the use of alternative resources.



Why Assess Readiness?


Tobacco control programs seek to change community norms about tobacco use through evidence-based interventions recommended by the CDC: namely, by educating about the dangers of tobacco use in order to prevent young people from using tobacco products, encouraging and supporting tobacco users in efforts to quit, and raising awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure. To do so, assessing the seriousness of the problem and the status of the recommended interventions is an essential first step. Working on a pricing strategy intervention is no different. Below is a brief description of each section of the Readiness Assessment Chart, and how the information can be used in pricing policy. Click on each chart title to read an explanation that will help understand how to use the tool.