PowerPoint Presentation



The “Addressing Tobacco Pricing Policy” PowerPoint presentation provides slides and resources that tobacco control program managers can use to educate internal and external colleagues about the basics of pricing strategies. These slides can be adapted to local needs to help raise awareness of the presenter’s positions on pricing strategies and deepen understanding among colleagues and stakeholders.


The presentation is divided into three sections:

  1. The Toll of Tobacco
    This section covers the very basic information of the human and economic toll that tobacco takes on our society. It provides an overview of the health and economic problems associated with tobacco use state by state and nationwide.
  2. The Case for Raising the Price of Tobacco Products
    This section presents the case for raising the price of tobacco products, including the public health benefits, associated revenue increases, and public popularity. Because most of the progress and evidence supporting price increases come from cigarette excise tax increases, much of the focus is on raising the price of cigarettes only.
  3. The Case for Taxing Other Tobacco Products and Other Pricing Strategies
    Cigarette excise taxes alone are not sufficient deterrents to tobacco use. In fact, as the cost of cigarettes increases, public health authorities are concerned about data that show smokers become more attracted to cheaper tobacco products such as snuff, snus, or cigars. In addition, cigarette tax avoidance increases as prices increase. These and other price-related concerns are covered in this section.