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February 2011

Secondhand Smoke

  • Smoke-free households with children and decreasing rates of pediatric clinical encounters for otitis media in the United States
  • Not just 'a few wisps': Real-time measurement of tobacco smoke at entrances to office buildings
  • Passive smoke exposure and abnormal cervical cytology in a predominantly Hispanic population
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Youth Prevention

  • The impact of state tobacco control program funding cuts on teens' exposure to tobacco control interventions: evidence from Florida (FL)
  • Peers, tobacco advertising, and secondhand smoke exposure influence smoking initiation in diverse adolescents (MD)
  • Study: Community ties protect low-income teens from smoking, obesity
  • Depictions of tobacco use in 2007 broadcast television programming popular among US youth
  • Reducing youth exposure to tobacco product advertising: Examining the impact of FDA regulations restricting outdoor cigarette advertising near schools
  • Archived Warner Series webcast: From silver screen to flat screen: The deadly impact of smoking on television on America's youth
  • Tobacco sales to Indiana minors in annual inspection hit all-time low (IN)
  • Tobacco Quit Line now available for younger Kentuckians (KY)
  • Understanding worldwide youth attitudes towards smoke-free policies: An analysis of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey
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Tobacco-Related Disparities in Specific Populations

  • Tobacco use among American Indian or Alaska Native middle- and high-school students in the United States
  • Racial and ethnic differences in current use of cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs among lesbian, gay, and bisexual young adults
  • Newly updated: Annotated bibliography of LGBT tobacco references
  • Updated report: Tobacco Taxes and Their Impact on Low Socioeconomic Status Populations
  • Fact sheets on Boards of Health addressing health disparities through tobacco use prevention and control
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  • Scientists reveal key mechanism governing nicotine addiction
  • Electronic cigarettes as a smoking-cessation tool: Results from an online survey
  • iPhone apps for smoking cessation: A content analysis
  • Gum, patches help reluctant quitters smoke less (China)
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  • Arizona eyes increased penalties for minors buying tobacco (AZ)
  • Conn. lawmakers considers ending smoking in clubs (CT)
  • Help for Medicaid smokers in gov's budget (CT)
  • Indiana House OKs smoking ban with bars exempted (IN)
  • Iowa Dems: Further restrict 'dissolvable' nicotine products (IA)
  • Smoking ban debate lights up again (MN)
  • Mississippi Senate OKs stripped-down smoking ban bill (MS)
  • Budget panel chops tobacco-prevention funds, family planning (MT)
  • Smoking ban for beaches and parks is approved (NY)
  • State representative tries to ban 'e-cig' (NY)
  • Legislative update: North Dakota (ND)
  • Legislators say 70% of Texans favor a smoking ban (TX)
  • Utah lawmaker proposes bill to ban smoking with children in car (UT)
  • Smoking ban enforcement begins today (VI)
  • Legislative update: Washington (WA)
  • Senators call for baseball chewing tobacco ban
  • Use of e-cigarettes not allowed on U.S. flights
  • Avis Budget group honored for pioneering landmark smoke-free rental car policy
  • No room at the inn for smokers? More hotels go smoke-free by choice or by law
  • China moves to reduce smoking scenes in films, TV dramas (China)
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  • Florida jury awards $260,000 to Tampa smoker (FL)
  • Legal Consortium files smoke-free housing amicus brief: Schuman v. Greenbelt Homes (MD)
  • Twelve years on, tobacco suit due in court (MO)
  • State appeals judge's ruling nixing smoking ban exceptions (NE)
  • NY attorney general sues websites selling cigarettes (NY)
  • Tobacco Control Legal Consortium introduces the Consortium Bulletin e-newsletter
  • E-cigarette industry wins federal court victory
  • Government in new dispute with tobacco companies
  • Legal appeal delays tobacco display in Scotland (Scotland)
  • KT&G wins appeal in S. Korea's first tobacco lawsuit (South Korea)
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Excise Taxes

  • Missouri House to look at cigarette tax (MO)
  • Poll: 66% of North Carolina voters favor $1.00 cigarette tax increase to help close budget deficit and fund health programs (NC)
  • Raise taxes on cigarettes? Not in Virginia, says House panel (VA)
  • Vt. anti-tobacco lobby wants $1-a-pack tax hike (VT)
  • Cigarette tax hike debated (WV)
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Tobacco Industry News

  • Lorillard discusses menthol business: Director of investor relations talks company's outlook on menthol
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Health Effects of Tobacco

  • U.S. heart disease costs expected to soar
  • Smoking linked to Lou Gehrig's disease
  • Smoking slightly increases the risk of breast cancer, a new study shows
  • Smoking explains why Americans don't live longer
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  • Effect of the Arizona tobacco control program on cigarette consumption and healthcare expenditures (AZ)
  • Kansas smoke free law improving air quality (KS)
  • Decrease in smoking prevalence, Minnesota, 1999–2010 (MN)
  • Two new studies show smoke free policies benefit employees, patrons and businesses (MO)
  • Smoking bans didn't harm hospitality industry, new study says (WI)
  • National Survey of Healthcare Consumers: Smoking report
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Save the Date

  • Kick Butts Day 2011
  • Reducing Tobacco Use 2011 Conference
  • Tobacco Research Intensive Lecture Series
  • National Summit on Smokeless & Spit Tobacco
  • World No Tobacco Day
  • NALBOH 2011 Annual Conference
  • Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, VII
  • American Public Health Association Annual Meeting & Exposition
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Job Announcements

  • Program Coordinator
  • Hawaii Director (Honolulu)
  • Youth Field Organizer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Health Program Specialist I
  • Data Manager, Global Adult Tobacco Survey
  • Senior Associate
  • Project Advocates
  • Director, Policy Research and Analysis
  • Staff Attorney
  • Project Director/Management
  • Director of Programs
  • Project Manager, TeamLab
  • Project Specialist, TeamLab
  • Associate Director of International Communications
  • Advocacy Director, Head of Russia/Ukraine Programs
  • Advocacy Coordinator — China
  • Communications Specialist
  • Program Assistant
  • Jobs at the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), Various
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  • Dr. Alma S. Adams Scholarship for Outreach and Health Communications
  • Call for nominations: American Lung Association and Koop Foundation, Inc. Unsung Heroes' Award
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Other Announcements


  • International Call for Papers: Research to reduce tobacco-related inequalities around the world
  • The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' redesigned website
  • HHS announces $750 million investment in prevention
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FDA Announcements:

  • Guidance for industry and FDA staff: "Harmful and potentially harmful constituents" in tobacco products
  • Menthol report: What to expect
  • Materials from December 8, 2010 stakeholder discussion with tobacco manufacturers, growers and warehousers now available
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